4-D Creative Media is a post-production team of Video Editors, Sound Designers, Colorists, Motion Graphic and 3D Artists, guided by Robert Carbone, Creative Director.

Peter Cascone Productions is a team of Writers, Producers, Directors, Camera Persons, Animators, Sound and Lighting Technicians, Wardrobe and Make-up Stylists headed by Peter Cascone, Executive Producer.

Together, 4-D and Peter Cascone Productions provides conceptualization, graphic design and scripting, as well as production through to completion.

For over 12 years, this smoothly integrated alliance, with offices in Manhattan New York on West 46th Street, has produced polished, innovative, creative videos for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as modest sized companies.

Bring your concept or script to life, or record your message in it’s most positive light.

We use best practice, state-of-the-art production techniques, as well as innovative new methods, delivered with unparalleled client service and communication.

Please contact Peter Cascone at 646-483-7768 to discuss how we can help you Visualize Success, whatever the scope or budget of your project.

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